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Il n’y a que la photographie et l’art contamporain qui comptent.
Is there any city without a contemporary art museum?

The audience for exhibitions of contemporary art has increased widely during the recent years as general awareness and interest in contemporary art has developed. A visit to the Museum always offers much more than the exhibitions alone. It’s also an opportunity to discover the particularities of each space within this architectural work, that has a strong organizational structure and great flexibility and transformational capacity, enabling it to respond to the diversity and unpredictability of the contemporary art works on display. More than 60,000 works constitute the largest collection in Europe of modern and contemporary art. It covers the XX and XXI centuries through artists which artworks had major influence in recent years. We work with artistic sensitivity, and respect for the work of art governs our action. Staff at the Museum are motivated, friendly, open-minded, and always ready to update and expand their skills. Our knowledge is at the forefront of developments in research. We work constructively together, are aware of our responsibilities, and face up to new challenges. The Museum aims to provide a home for art, artists and a broad range of publics, where artistic production is actively fostered, presented, protected, reconsidered and renewed.

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